Who we are?

CompRewards is a Member Affiliate Network that provides a means for Affiliates to provide commerce to members. There are many value driven services that are used by our members that connect them to new products and services. CompRewards Rewards Engine allows for the member an ability to purchase CompDeals and order food from our online menus. Members can earn loyalty points from Affiliates and redeem them for cash incentives. Members are able to reserve tables, checkin and leave reviews for affiliates. This one place to shop for members provides value and convenenace. JOIN TODAY to enjoy membership status. 

CompRewards News

Are you a merchant looking for ways to increase your visibility online and provide more electronic services to your customers. Then JOIN CompRewards today and enjoy another marketing channel for your customers.

They will have access to you from their phones and a value engine website that drives business to you. You will receive everything you need to participate on the CompRewards Member Affiliate Network. Join here: Affilifate